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The training represents one of the innovation levers, innovation that represents the main mission of the Consortium. Two are the training areas in which actions are developed: one to promote the knowledge promotion and the other for spreading the networking culture inside the associated members.

As for the first, Arsenàl.IT promotes training actions connected to projects and addressed to the professionals of each regional healthcare organization involved. The training represents a compulsory project phase, closely linked to the creation of a system for sharing know how, experiences and professional values.

So that training events, thanks to the contribution of important eHealth experts, are chances to have a discussion among professionals on transversal themes aimed at empowering the skills of each working team that are focussed on the development of the projects coordinated by Arsenàl.IT.

Another area is that of involving the inner personnel of the Consortium that participates into an info-training path aimed at sharing knowhow and skills, functional to consolidating a team that was created and works to create innovation. The meetings, realized according to not conventional training techniques and base on modern learning principles on-the job, support a path of professional growing up that represents one of the strength of the team.

The life-long-learning is indeed one of the elements that enrich the capacity to produce innovation by means to being in touch with stimulations and suggestions from which you can take ideas for new projects and those solutions that answer every day problems coming from the associated members. 

In the website there are some video-tags available from the Veneto ESCAPE and RENEWING HEALTH projects