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02.2015- Toward the dematerialization of the prescription cycle

The new year has marked the beginning of a great number of meetings and actions that in the Veneto Region will led to eReferrals as for specialist visits in all the structures at regional level. In our Region every year we produce about 40 million of pharmaceutical prescription and 20 million of eReferrals. As for ePrescription one year ago, Arsenàl.IT is introducing the traditional prescription in a digital cycle. After a labelling phase on each software applied in Local Health Authorities and Hospital Trusts, now we are training healthcare professionals, both prescribing and providing services. 

By the end of 2014 and, General directors of LHAs provided a list of professionals that are going to be trained on purpose. They are desk managers of booking desks, administrative managers of hospitals and healthcare districts and some key users such as clinicians.

130 among them participated to the first meeting that took place in Treviso on the 29th January under the title "Navigando verso il fascicolo: la dematerializzazione della ricetta specialistica". The main purpose was to present the process of digitalization on traditional prescription most of all as for the phase of providing the prescription.

In the Veneto Region healthcare organizations to achieve this aim are changing their management and processes inside the project regional Electronic Health Record (FSEr). Project managers of Arsenàl.IT were the speakers explaining which are the steps and the goals to be achieved.

After this first plenary meeting there will be 23 meetings, one for each LHS and Hospital Trust to meet all professionals involved in prescription.

The meeting in Treviso was a useful chance to meet, inform, and involve all that professionals that will be the real players of the change management necessary to achieve the regional EHR. People participating to these meeting can communicate to their fellows, involving even more healthcare professionals and guaranteeing outcomes. As for pharmaceutical ePrescription outcomes are outstanding: from September (the starting date was the 1st September) till the end of December 2014, in the Veneto Region clinicians produced 11.732.324 ePrescriptions, reaching 98% of general practitioners and paediatricians and 100% of pharmacies connected.