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03.2015 - Arsenàl.IT seen by Carlo Mochi Sismondi

We propose an interview with Carlo Mochi Sismondi, the chairman of the Forum PA, the most important association at national level dealing with the promotion of best practice among public administrations from all over Italy. Mr. Mochi Sismondi knows Arsenàl.IT, its activities and projects, quite well as the consortium is collaborating with the Forum PA since a long time.

What is your opinion about Arsenàl.IT?

Arsenàl.IT has always made me think about a winning model to trigger innovation. Because the consortium used the digital as changing lever for the Veneto Region healthcare system, avoiding the mere digital transformation of existing processes. Putting citizens at the centre of their actions as well as caregivers and healthcare professionals, Arsenàl.IT made digital innovation a public investment capable to produce a structural change in the healthcare system, generating assistance and care services with the maximum quality, personalisation and the widest range. Thanks to the actions provided by the consortium, the digital innovation in healthcare was the chance to get some target objectives such as increasing the quality of life for all citizens and a correct use of public money.   

Which elements do you think characterize of the action of Arsenàl.IT?

The uncommon and flexible model, based on the collaboration among companies (all the public 23 local health authorities and hospital trusts of the Veneto region voluntarily associated to the consortium); the experience heritage and the capacity of innovation of each associated member represented the starting point of all the research actions and the planning of news solutions: every time they do not start from the beginning, they consider differences a treasure, but after this they standardize. A team of young talents, on-the-job grown-up, most of them are women, used to work in network logic and considering an international setting. The financing model of innovation - that we all knew is not free of charge – in the case of Arsenàl.IT produces important return on investments: considering the economical setting, for each euro that the associated members invest on the consortium, they get more than 6 euros as for innovation services. Creating a digital awareness to create and plan new services and to enable professionals in using them.

According with you, Arsenàl.IT could be a replicable model outside the Veneto Region?

I think so for sure, even if in Italy the replication does not depend only on the assured best practice good for the dissemination and the economical return of innovation. The success factor of the replication is to be researched on the capacity in cooperating of each local health authority and hospital trust, as for the function of healthcare services providers and of the Regional Authority, as for the planning and check functions.

In which thematic areas do you think Arsenàl.IT can provide an added value for the next future?

From the analysis and comparison led during the last years and increased in the last months by the Forum PA we identify the need for a public administration, and even, for an healthcare system, that:

- enables citizens, companies and social organizations in identifying, in creating, in experimenting, and in sharing solutions;

- can communicate, interact, and co-plan the creation processes of public value with the social players;

- can re-design its organization on flexibility criteria, sharing and open mind.

On the setting of public administration in Italy there are new models growing as for management and policy making. A phenomenon that is characterized by a strong spontaneousness, and the lack of a systemic vision, but it is clear symptom of strong vitality. Cities and territories are becoming innovation laboratories: from the supporting welfare to mobility, from the solutions for the environment safeguard and the energetic sustainability to the coming back the handcraft production by adopting fab lab, from the proximity social network to the innovation management of common properties.

Co-creation and involvement are the keys of the new processes to produce public value.