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The Consortium Arsenàl.IT, Veneto’s Research Centre for eHealth Innovation, was born in 2007 on the basis of the Telemedicine Consortium, risen in 2005 after a survey, started 3 years before by the Veneto Region on the eHealth applications at regional level. The research showed that several Local Health Authorities had developed original and efficient eHealth applications by using an established technology but the diversity of approaches and used methodologies, even in the same clinical field, represented a limit for the interoperability of the applications. At that time it was noticed that the impact of technological applications on the healthcare organization was not systematically evaluated and some part of personnel showed a certain level of opposition in the use of ICT technologies inside the organization of each LHA.

From this came the idea of creating an entity that, thanks to high-level skills and knowhow, could be able to support the creation of an infrastructural and managerial technological network for the appliance of ICT solutions in the Veneto healthcare system. All this with a strong accent on the interoperability of systems and the use of international standards.

This gave rise to Arsenàl.IT, Veneto’s Research Centre for eHealth Innovation, that just from the beginning aimed at widening its action in the eHealth field above the fixed role of Observatory to become the regional centre of reference in the sector of ICT solutions applied in healthcare and social field.

The name of the Consortium deliberately recalls the Venice Arsenàl, one of the first models in the world of an organized industrial complex, which made the Serenissima one of the greatest maritime powers. Starting from the XII century, it became the heart of the naval industry in the island city: thanks to the mighty ships built there, Venice was able to defeat the Turks in the Aegean Sea and to conquer the Northern European routes.

The Venetian Arsenal anticipated by centuries the modern concept of factory, intended as a production complex in which specialized workforces carried out the individual construction operations one by one to create a product by using standard components. It constitutes the most important centralized great production structure of the preindustrial economy in the West.